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Children Photography

Creating memories for a lifetime.

Contact us today to schedule a session and let us capture the magic of childhood through our lens. We can’t wait to create beautiful memories with you and your child!

Our Philosophy:

We believe that every child is extraordinary, and our child portraits aim to reflect their individuality. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a graduation, or simply a celebration of their wonderful stage in life, we will beautifully capture their joy, laughter, and wonder.

Looking for Lifestyle Children Photography? The great outdoors provides the perfect backdrop for playful and adventurous children. From exploring lush gardens to running through sun-kissed fields, we capture the genuine excitement and curiosity of your child as they embrace the beauty of nature creating the beautiful natural light portraits.

Big Family? We got you covered! Siblings share a special connection that deserves to be captured. We love capturing the laughter, mischief, and affection between brothers and sisters. Our photographers create heartwarming portraits that showcase the unique bond siblings share, creating memories that will last forever.

How We work:

Our team of skilled photographers has years of experience in working with children of all ages. We understand their unpredictable nature and have mastered the art of capturing genuine and authentic moments. Photographers passed the background check and are well trained professionals to make your photography photo session a smooth experience.

We know that children need time to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Our patient and caring approach ensures that your child feels relaxed, enabling us to capture their true personality. From choosing the perfect location to selecting the right props and outfits, we pay attention to every detail to create stunning and cohesive portraits that reflect your child’s individuality.

Photo Gallery

Our Photography Packages

All photographs come in a digital format via Online Gallery. Fully edited  images come with the printing rights. 

Attention: We charge a $99 Distance Fee for locations out of Brevard County within an hour drive. For Customized Distance  Free please contact us directly 321 507 2745

Classic - $225

Premium - $350

VIP - $499

Frequently Asked Questions

Trust our team to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Our high-quality photographs will serve as a timeless reminder of your special event, bringing joy and nostalgia for years to come.

 We can do environmental portraits, lifestyle portraits, candid portraits, and studio portraits. Each style has its own unique characteristics and can be used to capture different moods and emotions. 

Outfit is very important and that is why we provide our recommendations during our free consultation before the photo session. Please feel free to reach out to us and we will do everything to help you make the right choice of outfit.

The best time of the day happens twice per day and is called a “golden hour”. It is usually an hour around the sunrise and an hour around the sunset. Depending on a location, we would recommend discussing the best time with your photographer, because some locations have the best lighting during the day or earlier before the sunset. 

Our standard image turnover time is 3 business days. If you need it faster, we have additional Expedited service for additional charge. 

We deliver the images via Online Gallery depending on the request of our customers. The images can be easily downloaded and shared via a link. 

Our team is willing to travel Nationwide plus some professionals travel overseas for personal and  business photography projects. If your business is out of the Brevard County, Florida area, travel fees may apply. Contact Us to get a customized quote!

A 50% Deposit is required at the time of booking. All Payments are secured.

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