Meet Kathy the “Red Hat”

Photographer in Brevard

Nice to meet you, friends! I am a professional photographer, living and working at the Florida Space Coast.  My team and I specialize in classy and creative lifestyle portraiture, capturing unique candid moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Everyone is unique and we love the opportunity to meet new people, become a part of their stories, and make an extra step to know them better. We can create fantastic memories that will turn into framed pictures on your wall…

Why the Red Hat…?

It all started in my childhood. Little Red Riding Hood was my favorite fairy tale, so I was a fan of this little girl who was so courageous and kind! Wearing a Red Hat reminds me of my childhood and helps to build a connection with my little models! Plus, if you see me at the event in my cute little Red Hat, it’s easy to recognize me, right?

My Story…

I was born and raised in Siberia, Russia, dreaming of becoming an astronaut (no joke) …and here I am on a Space Coast of Florida! I’ve been living in different cities and countries, traveling around the world in Europe, Asia, North and Central America where I met amazing people and saw many different cultures that fascinated me! Our world is so rich and unpredictable. Every adventure gives me an unforgettable experience and lifts my spirit! As a human being living on Earth- my goal is to see it all!

Life Motto

I can’t imagine my life without a good cappuccino &tiramisu…it seems like my life mojo! I know all places around to enjoy it. Do you know a good spot?

My Passion

Traveling is my passion and want to see the whole world, by car or by air! I may be tired & sleepy but will pack my bags in 15 min if you drive by my house with an extra ticket to the Caribbean. I’m in! 

Bucket List...

My bucket list is growing with more crazy things to do! Not counting cliff diving, skydiving & white water rafting, the coolest thing was living in Costa Rica jungle tent retreat for 10 days face to face with nature.

Thankful for...

I don’t take Safety & Comfort for granted! In my childhood I didn’t have the luxury of choosing toys and clothes. We were happy with what we got. It’s been a great lesson of sharing & caring for me!

Favourite food

From the world’s cuisine, I love Soups the most! Whenever I go, I try local soups and try to reproduce it at home ( no luck so far…)

My Photo Galleries

Turning amazing ideas into Memories for a Lifetime!

Kathy has photographed multiple events for Brevard Ballet Academy and Youth Company including parties/fundraisers and live action shots of dancers. The photos always turn out beautiful from start to finish. Kathy has a very creative vision for her photographs and editing skills. On top of that she is very responsible and reliable making the working process very easy! We highly recommend Red Hat Studio Photography, you won’t be disappointed with the finished product!

Elena Shokhina, Academy Director, Brevard Ballet Academy

Hi! I am a senior in high school and did a Senior Photoshoot with Red Hat Studio in February, 2020. The experience was great, and I really appreciated the creativity and care put into shoot. It was done very well, and the result of the shoot was just what I wanted!

Emma B, Senior of 2020

Kathy is a very nice person who makes great pictures! You will get very beautiful pictures and enjoy the process of a photo shoot in a easy and friendly atmosphere.  Kathy is a real professional!

Elena K, Maternity Photo session

Kathy is a person you will feel very comfortable to work with, what is very important when you are having a photoshoot. Thank you for a fun day and great pictures!

Yulia B, Family Photo Session

We worked with Red Hat Studio several times, getting some headshots for our team and photographs for our real estate projects. Every time we got our pictures in a very good quality. We are very satisfied with the overall process, easy communication and fast access to the photos! Highly recommend Red Hat Studio!

We had a great experience with Kathy! She is very talented Family Photographer and so passionate about her work! I highly recommend her to everyone because she’s friendly, welcoming and professional and we have amazing photos!

Elena and Dusan, Family Beach Photo session