By Kathy K., December 9th, 2019

December is a busy event month in Melbourne! Our Program “ I love Space Coast” had so many applicants for a Free Event Photography service, that we decided to choose several instead of one. Touch of Magic, a well known organizer in Brevard County, definitely offered one of the best events of the month, Space Coast Women’s Day devoted to women in business working in Space Cost of Florida.

Multiple vendors offered free trials and hands-on entertainment for guests of this free event. Attendees has a chance to try martial arts, learn self-defend technique and wellness tips. Among the highlights were an art studio with painting, attracting groups of people to create their own inspiration signs, and a hair saloon service offering free trials for the women!

The best part of the event were the people. I could never imagine how inspiring it is to see others following their path, succeeding in business having several kids on their hands and even being 9month pregnant! So many positive, self-confident and inspiring women at one place, what a treasure! As a female business owner, I was so happy to attend and meet lot’s of nice people. If we support each other, we can help to succeed together! Please take a minute and see the Event Gallery to support these wonderful business owners who are simply gorgeous and fantastic!