Project Description

Family Photography

“Beautiful, professional, and eye-catching images are great investments in your family memories that you would keep for a lifetime!”


Family Photoshoot Experience

“ Family is a temple that inspires you and helps to refill your energy. Most importantly,  it’s a castle where you Love and feel Loved. We believe that Love is all around in little things, and we catch it on the camera all the time!

Everyone has a story to tell…so what is yours?

“A gift of love…”

My mother was a single parent, and she did a great job raising me. Only when my father reappeared years later did I realize how much I missed his presence, love, and attention. On my 30th birthday, he sent me an old photo album as a present, and I was speechless. Above all, I felt so loved by such a simple act. The pictures conveyed such happy times and memories. The photos were so full of a little girl’s joy and happiness. That was the most precious gift of love I could have asked for and will keep forever. . (Kathy K.)

“A Christmas Miracle…”

We got a big family! Together with my husband we have 5 daughters. So, all of them are over 20 now, living in different States. A friend of mine asked me recently if I had pictures of my girls, and I caught myself that I had none! We’ve been busy living life, but there is no history in prints that we can share. I promised myself that we will fix it no matter what. And thanks to my youngest daughter’s wedding on a Christmas day, we got ALL together !!! finally!!! and made amazing beautiful pictures of our family. It was a Christmas miracle that all our daughters made it to the wedding and we could pray and celebrate together as a family. Thank you, Kathy for being a part of our joy! (Laura S.)

“I could never imagine…”

It was my first photoshoot! I could never have imagined that it could have been such an exciting experience, and it could make me feel so good. We experimented with different posing and photo shoot locations, changed the outfits, and had so much fun! I was very pleased with the results, because photos turned out just like I wanted! Kathy was very helpful in assisting me with posing. Moreover, she encouraged and helped me get comfortable in front of the camera. I appreciate her efforts in making me feel beautiful and fantastic! (Emma B.)

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