By Kathy K., May 12th, 2020.

If you are adventurous and like to try new things, your life is full of excitement. With years it’s getting harder and harder to find something you never tried and actually may enjoy. I would never expect that classical ballet is actually available to try when you are an adult with absolutely no experience…

Classical dance like ballet is very spectacular and pleasant to watch, while for dancers it is a hard work and dedication! Of course, pointe techniques are hard and are a goal for professional dancers, while ballet for beginners may offer something great for absolutely beginners with no dance experience so far.

If you would like to experience a classical ballet in a classroom environment, Adult Beginner class may offer you this opportunity along with exercises for core muscles, barre work, and stretching. There is a comfortable atmosphere at the class, where women of all ages join in a group to feel fabulous, improve posture and grace while listening timeless classical music… When I tried a class like this first time, I could never believe that I may do barre work and don’t look ridiculous at the same time. It gave me such a boost of self confidence and strength as long as a feeling of beauty! I would never do this without  support of  instructors, who are very patient and careful, giving you tips appropriate for your level, I loved it! As a beginner, I am proud to carry ballet shoes in my bag and can’t wait till the next class…if you try it, you will never regret it!