Central Florida’s Space Coast is a great place for beach photography! Either you are looking for a sunrise shot or breath-taking sunset wedding photo, Space Coast is a place to be! It offers scenic greenery and gorgeous sunsets in comfortable and breezy weather. In this post, I will share with you my favourite beach locations on the Space Coast and photography tips for best family photos!

  1. Jetty Park.

The best location for the most scenic family and kids pictures, combining a huge Fishing Pier with the big private beach, rich green background and authentic tropical trees on the boardwalk. Because of its unique location inside Port Canaveral, Jetty Park offers an opportunity to see close Cruise ships arriving and departing, Rocket launches from Canaveral Air Force Station. This park is also famous for it’s rich wildlife and marine life. Besides, the park is less crowded than others because of the entrance fee. Although, parking limitations may block you the entrance to this location if you come too late on a perfect beach day. 

Best photography during “golden” hours of sunrise and sunset PLUS the whole day in the shady areas of the treas. The park offers multiple locations for the great photos all day long, which gives more flexibility. So let’s make it a few steps:

  • shady boardwalk, stairs to the beach covered with nice tropical trees,
  • campground areas with a sandy floor,
  • Fishing Pier,
  • beach path from the Pier with an astonishing variety of spots with a rich green background,
  • rocky beach area by the Pier,
  • the Beach.

Park entrance fee may be found here: 

 2. Cherie Down Park

Located in the heart of Cape Canaveral, this park is a perfect spot for sunset beach photography. With rich shore greenery and passing cruise ships, your family photos will look stunning! Highly recommend it if you are on a cruise or just visiting from Orlando, it’s free and has a convenient location. Besides, this park is very close to the famous Cocoa Beach Pier that we will discuss further.

 3. Cocoa Beach Pier.

Being a famous tourist attraction, this location is usually avoided by the locals. Free parking may be a challenge if you want to stay close to the Pier. I would not use this location for the daytime pictures of kids playing in the water, because the light is harsh and the water is full of surfers. Although, under the Pier lights are just beautiful throughout the day and create an amazing maze of shades. There is a Live Web Cam that overlooks the Pier and may be very helpful!

Pier parking fee: $10 with a Pier fishing access.

  4. Paradise Beach Park

This location has a lot to offer to families. First, there is a nice playground by the treas and next to the beach access, plus a volleyball court with nice green scenery. Beach entrance has some convenient seats that may be a great sunset spot for a family photo. There are few photo ideas for this location:

  • turtles watch,
  • huge shell variety,
  • long shady stairs for portraits,
  • boardwalks with rich greenery.

Be aware, that the beach here is very low and the beach park is high, so the sun disappears much faster than on the Cocoa Beach. Sunsets are absolutely beautiful here and attract many beach lovers every day.

 5. Sebastian Inlet State Park.

This Park is far more special than any other locations, because here you may find several amazing spots close to each other: beach, huge pier, and the lagoon with nice calm waters that are just perfect for kids. Numerous activities here include shelling, fishing, snorkelling, hiking, and so much more…Here is my list of favourite spots for a park full-day visit: 

  • morning lagoon in-water photos,
  • rocky bridge areas are a perfect afternoon photo spot,
  • beach day photos + lunch nearby,
  • afternoon or evening Pier fishing and sunset watching.

Sebastian Inlet Park is a very popular location, so make sure you come early to get parking near lagoon first. Lagoon beach is very sunny, so tents or covers are essential to get you through the day!

Park entrance fee: $10 per vehicle.