Children love to be outdoors, it’s no doubt in it. Although, recently lot of Brevard playgrounds are facing a massive construction period or are closed for safety issues. It is sad but not the end of the world! We still have fun with kids and make it an interesting and educational experience!

With the “closed playground” policy lot’s of fun that kids got used too is unavailable for the moment. We can’t use swings or slides, but there are plenty of outdoor activities that your kids will love. We are making a shortlist of our most popular park games and activities to entertain kids and have lots of fun together! 

  1. Hide and Seek.       Popular game that everyone knows pretty well. Kids become creative and active while playing plus there are no limits for your imagination during this game: pretend dinosaurs, fishes, any animals, make teams of carnivorous and herbivorous. You may also make accessories from leaves and sticks for players and chase to get them from each other.
  2. Treasure Hunt.      You may adjust the game rules for the kids of different ages. For the little ones, you may play it on a smaller scale and use “hot” or “cold” words to determine the path to the treasure. With older kids, we can ask to create the map of the park (draw or build on the ground from sticks and stones) and then, use hints to determine the path to find a treasure.
  3. Stick Play. Kids love sticks! Park is such a great environment where children love to use natural objects and play around. Stick play boosts imagination and may be used to draw objects, stick leaves on, move objects around and more.
  4. Science Lab. Every child loves creation! Parks are full of interesting and exciting finding for little scientists. Park is a place for observation, a conversation about nature, and gathering materials for arts & crafts. If your child loves bird watching, you may draw a bird together or make one from a paper and leaves from the park. Biologists may like to look after insects and make one at home. If you grab a book about trees, you may investigate tree types together! Our favourite project in May was a “tree poster”: we gathered leaves in the park, drow trees on a big poster and glue leaves on the trees. 
  5. Construction Site. Grab a few construction toys from home and make it a fun construction play outdoors! We usually drow a big circle around a construction site so toys don’t get lost around. There are so many interesting natural materials in the parks that are pretty safe to play and dig in, which is a different environment from home. Being on nature teaches kids to be respectful and careful, listen to nature sounds and focus on the activity.