For a lot of people, Christmas is about a snow…cold weather, and hot chocolate, while Santa is expected to arrive on a old-fashioned sleigh.

This is NOT a case in Melbourne Beach where things are completely opposite! And hundreds of people go out on  a hot sunny day in Christmas pajamas and funny hats to see the main fun of the year – Children’s Christmas Parade and the Santa Firetruck!

What a FUN! Parade is full of decorated cars with kids in costumes moving through local roads with the Santa Fire Truck that makes loud horn sounds to attract the public. It looks like a fairy tail that became true, because of the sparkling seasonal decorations and dressed up people demanding candies from Santa. And yes, they get them, because Santa has lots of candies for everyone!


Bravo to the Melbourne Vol. Fire Department that organizes such an exciting and uniting seasonal event that really stands out! It’s been a real joy to be a part of it this year and we hope to ride a Fire Truck with Santa next year! Please come and join this fantastic event that supports the organizers and brings joy for all residents!