Red Hat Studio Portfolio

Red Hat Studio Portfolio

Through the lens, the world looks so beautiful, and I would like to show this divine beauty to you!
I hope you will enjoy my photo portfolio, and we can create something great together!


Capture Every Moment…

Nice to meet you, friends! I am a professional photographer, living and working on a Space Coast of Florida.  I specializing in classy and creative lifestyle portraiture, capturing unique candid moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We are all unique and I love the opportunity to meet new people, become a part of their stories, and make an extra step to know them better. When I get a feeling of what may work the best for you, I can make fantastic shots that will turn into framed pictures on your wall…

Why Red Hat…?

It all started in a childhood, where a girl in a Red Hat was fighting with the wolf was my favorite fairy tale, so my Christmas costumes, accessories, and pictures were about this little girl who was so courageous and kind! Wearing a Red Hat reminds me of my childhood and helps to build a connection with my little models! Plus, if you see me at the event in my cute little Red Hat, it’s easy to recognize me, right?

I was born and raised in Siberia, Russia, dreaming of becoming an astronaut (no joke) …and here I am on a Space Coast of Florida! I’ve been living in different cities and countries, traveling around the world in Europe, Asia, North and Central America where I met amazing people and saw many different cultures that fascinated me! Our world is so rich and unpredictable. Every travel gives me an unforgettable experience and lifts my spirit! As a human being living on Earth- my goal is to see it all!