By Kathy K., November 17th, 2019.

Brevard Ballet Youth Company is a community funded non- profit organization that provides a supportive environment for dancers where they may develop “physical strength, artistic expressiveness, and performance skills” ( Ballet Youth Company benefits other local non-profit organizations and have several community partnerships that help children and handicapped individuals, making their impact really outstanding.

Elena Shokhina is an Artistic Director of BBYC and Academy Director of Brevard Ballet Academy. This year’s Fundraiser event was a Nutcracker Ball with casino tables, raffles, Dj, Bar and impressive ballet performance by Brevard Ballet Academy dancers.

It was a spectacular night out in a beautiful Tortoise Island Club House in Satellite Beach. The story of a Nutcracker is about belief and dreams, which is so relevant to the Ballet Youth Company since they claim “to offer students the opportunity to reach their dancing dreams while sharing the magic of the season with Brevard residents and visitors” (www.